Workplace Emergency Action Plans

Sometimes, ropes or ladders for rescues and evacuations just isn’t enough. Train your team at one of our high-angle technical rescue operations courses. Teach your team how to handle hard-to-reach areas in a rescue situation.

All of our training courses promote safety at your workplace. We’ll teach your team how to transport accident victims to a safe area and what to do until help arrives.

Optimum Elevation for Safe Extraction

High-angle technical rescue techniques are used to help an injured person on terrain with a slope angle of 60 degrees or higher. Your employees will learn how to use ropes, harnesses, pulleys, and hauling equipment to save lives. In addition, our rescue teachers can help with installation of on-site rigging systems.

Pre-Planning Site Evaluation

High-angle rescue operations often occur on high-rise buildings, cranes, bridges, mine shafts, vessels, wind farms, skyscrapers, and more. By conducting pre-planning procedures, your team will be prepared for any elevated work area hazards.

Our team will help you evaluate:

  • Work Site Hazards
  • Equipment
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Potential Hazards
  • Safety Routes
  • Rally Point

Our technical rescue training team is uniquely qualified to make your workplace safer.

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