Canada's Elite Rescue Services

Turnaround Rescue's mission is to ensure employee safety in various dangerous workplace conditions by having a fully equipped, trained and experienced rescue team ready for action.

Our Rescue Training

Confined Spaces Rescue

Are you working in places with limited mobility and risk? Our confined spaces training course can help prepare you for this type of event.


Fire Rescue

Our team can train your municipal or industrial firefighting team. We’ll give you hands-on  techniques that will enhance your rescue skills & capabilities.

High Angled Rescue

Ropes and ladders aren’t always enough. Train your team with one of our high-angle technical rescue courses.

Tower Rescue

We offer custom rescue operation courses to give your employees skills to perform high-angle rescues.

Additional rescue training Services

Custom Courses

Looking for rescue training courses that are custom made for your company, employees or situation. No problem. Our courses are tailored to meet your exact rescue training needs. From fire and tower rescue to confined spaces and high angle, we can combine and customize courses to meet your needs.

Rescue Plans

As trained rescue planning professionals, we can assess your situation and give you a full and detailed rescue plan that’s customized to you and the situation. Contact us today to build your custom rescue plan for fire rescue, tower rescue, confined spaces and or high angle rescue. No matter your situation, we can help.

What an incredible experience with Tim and the team at Turnaround rescue. I highly recommend any of their courses for team rescue training!

Karl Smuller

Our clients

Elite Rescue Training for great clients

Turnaround Rescue taught me more in a 2 day course than I could have ever thought. From assessing the situation to how we can safely perform tactical rescue's, these guys know their stuff!

John Miller

Unparalleled Experience

Our History

Turnaround Rescue was established in response to the increased demand for an industrial full service technical rescue company.  Its primary focusing is to provide industry with the ability to protect workers when entering all types of high risk workplaces specifically providing services in the area of fall protection, high & low angle, tower, confined space, swift water and ice rescue.

Rescue Experience

We are a professional team with the most current up to date rescue equipment and staff with training and experience second to none that results in the fast & safe rescue of workers.  Our employees are knowledgeable physically fit firefighters, highly trained in technical rescue and emergency medical response with vast rescue experience.

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