Tower Rescue Courses

Wireless communication = employees climbing towers

An incapacitated employee stuck on a tower in inclement weather can be a recipe for disaster. We offer custom rescue operation courses to give your employees skills to perform high-angle rescues.

Accessing Structures from Great Heights

How can you protect your employee when they are scaling a tall structure? Use tower rescue training to safely bring your employees back down to the ground. Our course includes:

  • Fall Prevention Tactics
  • Self-Rescue Tactics
  • Hazard Recognition Strategies
  • Tower Climbing Tactics

Our course is suitable for linemen, cell phone tower workers, electric companies, wind turbine workers, & more!

Theoretical and Practical Training Courses

This course combines practical training and theories. Topics in our training course include:

  • Risk assessments & rescue plans
  • Proper positioning & techniques
  • Anchors & rigging training
  • Safety equipment & inspections
  • Fall factors & emergency preparedness
  • State & industry regulations
Safe Climbers = Confidence + Knowledge

Equipping Participants with Tower Rescue Competencies

Our team is knowledgeable in rope access techniques and safety systems. Our courses are based on:

  • Industrial Fall Protection best practices
  • National Fire Protection Association
    • high-angle rescue regulations
    • innovative rope access techniques
  • Other Federal Regulatory Requirements.

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